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Marcy Brown Last Names A - G 801-481-4828 ext. 1016 Email
Cari Fifield Last Names H - Z 801-481-4828 ext. 1015 Email
Comprehensive Guidance Dept.
Counselors' Webpage  

Counselors are available to assist student with educational planning, interpretation of standardized test scores, occupational and career information, study helps, social concerns, and making the transition to middle school.


School counselors focus on students’ academic, personal/social, and career development. The Hillside counselors meet with students individually, in groups, and in classroom settings to provide support and training in:

· Preparing for College & Career Readiness

· Problem Solving

· Social Skills

· Managing Stress and/or Anger

· Dealing with Grief and Loss

· Crisis Management

· Conflict Resolution

· Understanding Personality and Learning Styles

· Academic/Career Interests

· Goal-Setting

School counselors do not provide therapy for students or families, perform disciplinary actions with students or teachers, nor perform the same functions as a principal or assistant principal.


Scheduling students is done on a priority basis according to student requests during pre-registration in the spring. Before the school year starts, we focus on fixing schedules that are incomplete or that have errors. Regrettably, we may have occasional needs to balance class sizes unexpectedly (resulting in a changed student schedule) so that our teachers are not overburdened with large numbers of students.

Any requests to change a student’s class schedule should be made during the August registration window or in a few cases, by appointment during the first week of each semester. Factors such as class size, availability of classes and/or appropriate placement, supersede the requested class change. There are no class changes after the first week of each semester unless approved by an administrator.

REQUESTS TO CHANGE TEACHER OR DROP FULL YEAR ELECTIVE: Because these requests are difficult and may cause adverse impact on class sizes, the following protocol will need to be completed prior to any possible change.

Parent and student should have met with or had a conference with the teacher directly on at least three occasions to see if concern may be resolved. If concern is not resolved, an appointment with an administrator may be scheduled. Please bring evidence of conferences with the teacher.

REQUESTS TO CHANGE SEMESTER ELECTIVES: Any semester elective class changes will be based upon class size availability or required placement needs. If a desired class is full or will not fit in a student schedule, class change will not be done.