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School Closure

Salt Lake City School District


Salt Lake City School District schools will be open on all school days unless circumstances create health or safety issues for students and staff.

Severe weather conditions may force school closures, delayed starts or early release. The following information details the procedures to be followed:

1. Announcements
Parents and employees should listen to designated media outlets for school closure/delayed start/early release. Authorization will come from the Superintendent or his/her designee.

TV Stations
KSL-----Channel 5
KUTV---Channel 2
KTVX----Channel 4
Fox News----Channel 13
AM Radio Stations
Metro Networks---25 Stations

Salt Lake City School District Website

2. The Announced Messages will be:

3. Length
All school closures/delayed start/or early dismissal are for one day only.

4. Normal Operation
No media announcements means schools are open and regular schedules will be followed.

5. Emergency Plan
Parents are encouraged to create an emergency plan for their students. Parent should plan with their students where to go or what to do if the parent is not home and schools are closed, delayed starting or dismissed early. Parents are asked not to call the school or the district office. Telephones will be used for emergencies.